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    Back in 2009, when I first began cutting coins, I was mostly working on coins I had brought back with me from various travels.  I wanted to preserve some of my memories of those trips in a way that also honored the coin itself and so I did what any 20-something in the mid-2000's did: I started a blog. Eventually, I started writing about coins not only from places I'd been, but also places I wanted to go.  

    Recently, I found my old rough drafts of those writings and, over the next few weeks, I will be uploading them to the site as well as starting new ones.  Maybe you'll see a coin you already purchased and learn a little more about its history, or maybe you'll be inspired by one you had never even noticed before.  One of the biggest reasons I work with coins as a medium is because I really want to highlight some of the beautiful, intricate designs that otherwise escape our attention.  It's my hope that this blog will help me shine the spotlight on those in a different way and, as always, email me with any questions:  

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