About Us


About The Artist

     An avid traveler from a young age, Ken has always maintained a coin collection as mementos of past travel.  In 2005, while living in Argentina for a year, he came across an artist cutting designs and names using a coin as the base.  Fascinated by this joining of two passions, but wanting to highlight the design on the coin itself, in 2009 he began cutting coins as tokens to commemorate new travels.  What first started as a way to gift friends and families something personal from his own coin collection soon grew into a business spanning art shows across the country.      

The Process

     The first step in coin-cutting involves finding the right coin to work with.  A mixture of good metals, creative design, and availability go into the hunt for each coin.  Sometimes this takes place during travels abroad, other times in a coin shop digging through buckets of foreign currency.  On occasion, certain coins are purchased online.  Then, they are scrubbed clean with soap and water and ready for the next step.  Holes are drilled into the coin to feed the steel saw blades through.  Then, a jeweler's saw is used to meticulously cut out and highlight the original design of the coin.  The ever-expanding coin inventory currently consists of all 50 State quarters, a high variety of other US coins, and over 75 different foreign coins (with custom orders always available on countries currently not in stock).